Top reasons to buy your home in DFW

Top reasons to buy your home in Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas has a lot to offer. An ever-evolving economy, food good enough to be featured on reality tv shows, and sports that even opposing rivals can celebrate in unity are just three BIG reasons to reside in the state known for its larger-than-life experiences. But there’s much more! There are many reasons to move in to Dallas Fort Worth and buy your home at this beautiful place in Texas. Here’s a list straight from locals and visitors-who-wish-they-were on why DFW is THE place to live:

1. No state income tax
The entrées might be big, but your state taxes won’t be. You read that right. When you live in DFW, you are not subject to paying state income tax, which means your wallet grows bigger with a little more personal income!

2. Booming Business
Dallas has been the home to many successful companies with reputations of consistent expansion and ingenuity which prompts higher hiring opportunities. With brands like Toyota, Liberty Mutual, FedEx, 7-Eleven, and more relocating their headquarters and building new campuses in the DFW area, there is certainly a healthy hiring culture. In addition to the above-named companies, Dallas Cowboys headquarters and practice facility also boast prospective employment for those in the area.

3. Leisure can be your Lifestyle
Dallas is the number one, visitor and leisure destination in Texas. When you are living here, you can enjoy over 2,600 restaurants in the area, embrace the average temperature of 76 degrees, or take pleasure in the 200 golf courses within the city. At this rate, it is even likely you can literally have a home “on the range”.

5. Are you ready for some football?
Whether it’s a high school, university, or professional team, football season has been called one of Texas’ four seasons. Say you’re among the population that doesn’t really get wrapped up in the games or the gear? The spirit that accompanies training for the Cowboys cannot be rivaled and brings its on sense of community and courtesies with it. Like Christmas, everyone is a little nicer and overall the climate is pumped and positive!

6. Transportation
Riding the DART is easily one of the greatest assets to the DFW area. Not only is it fun and one of the best ways to get around for work, school, or sightseeing, but it also reached far and wide. servicing nearly 700 square miles of the city

7. Four Seasons
Now, yes, Football is considered a season in Texas, however, what makes observing the games so feasible and fun is the temperature throughout the year. Texas may be known for being hot, but DFW boasts all four seasons. Because of this, you can regularly schedule events and venues that will make living worthwhile, whether indoors or out, commuting or staying local.

8. Energy Efficient
No matter how conscious you are of your carbon footprint, everyone benefits from a more eco-friendly city. To protect their citizens from poor air quality, the city has taken clean energy initiatives including over 240 buildings that have been upgraded with energy-efficient technology, resulting in an annual energy savings of over $1 million dollars to its residents.

Clearly, whether you are eager for expanding employment, looking for a lifestyle of leisure or are following your football fandom home, Dallas is the place for you to settle… for more, bigger and better.
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